HumiPyc Model 2F (Foam)密度分析仪

Measurement of true density, porosity, percentages of open-cell / closed-cell  of foams plays important role in 
development and quality control of various properties of the cellular materials. Characterization of foams presents 
its own challenges and the highest performance gas pycnometers and dedicated accessories need to be used.

The enhanced and optimized HumiPyc Gas Pycnometers with dedicated hardware are superior tools for foams 

Design features:

–  Fully automated operation via PC
–  Novel software approach  for experiment design and convenience of operation
–  Ability to set low pressures to avoid foam distortion and carry out accurate measurements using 24-bit resolution
–  True gas purge using a separate exhaust (similar design as in the cement density and fineness  (specific surface area)
determination technique 
( Permeametry)
–  The foam sample can be purged to specific relative humidity value using optional RH probe.
–  Specific (optional) hardware for other analytical capabilities

Standard test methods for foam open cell content, like ASTM D6226 or ISO 4590 stipulate specific shapes and sizes of foam samples.
To optimize the foam volume determinations results,  volume reducing adapters accepting cubes or cylindrical shapes can be provided.

To reduce errors in determination of physical  volume measurements of a foam sample, additional hardware for cutting exact shapes can be provided.



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