HumiPyc ™ Model 2 Gas Pycnometer密度分析仪

Design highlights:
– Manual and Automatic operation (Windows based software)
– Progressive gas pressurization and depressurization (nano-powders, no-elutriation)
– Dual reference chamber for the largest range of volume measurements
– Relative humidity and temperature measurements inside the sample chamber
– 24-bit data acquisition, high accuracy and excellent repeatability
– Pressure regulator and gauge (at the back panel of the instrument)
– Superior for foam density measurements (ASTM D6226-05)
– Variety of ancillary hardware for other applications, e.g. for filter integrity testing (largest pore sizes), RH probe calibrations,
– Small size and mass, portable
– Designed for easy customization to fulfill application specific requirements
– Sophisticated and interactive software for experiment design and control

(our software is compatible with 64-bit Windows® operating system)
– All experimental data are recorded and transferable (macro) to Excel.  

– True density measurements of solids (e.g. fine powders, foams, etc).
– Determination of density at precise relative humidity and temperature values (with RH probe)
– Filter integrity tester – bubble point and pressure decay tests (with ancillary hardware)
– RH sensor calibrator (with saturated salt solutions)
– Determination of RH atmosphere over different mixtures, solutions
– Outgassing of samples using vacuum to a specified RH value or other conditions
– Remote control from PC for working with dangerous samples (under the hood)

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