HumiPyc ™ Model 1 Gas Pycnometer密度分析仪

Design highlights:
– Integration of automatic and manually operated pycnometer into one system
– Integrated  temperature control
– Continuous flow of gas in and out of sample chamber
– Relative Humidity (RH) and temperature measurements inside the sample chamber
– Vacuum port (standard in all models)
– 24-bit data acquisition, high accuracy pressure transducer
– Independent precision pressure regulation
– Auto Mode (Windows® operating system) and Manual mode of operation
– Sophisticated and interactive software for experiment design and control
– Macro transferring data to Excel for additional analysis
– All experimental data recorded and available to the user

Powerful research idea:

  • Volumetric density measurements using pressure range from vacuum to 50 psi (345 kPa) and temperature range from sub ambient to 50C, with parallel relative humidity (RH) data (0-100%)
  • RH analysis in the pressure and temperature range, sorption and kinetic data from multiple headspace extraction
  • Designed especially for true density measurements of fine powders and foams
  • Bubble Point and Pressure Decay Methods for characterization of filters /membranes 


– Many capabilities in one instrument, high accuracy, and precision
– Volume and density data obtained at precisely defined temperature, pressure, and
  RH conditions
– Dual reference chamber for the largest range of volume measurements
– No sample elutriation during treatment and analysis, designed for fine powders
– Any sample holder up to about 2" (52mm) O.D., and 2" (52mm) Height
– Elimination of shortcomings of other pycnometers that use only On/Off valves
– Ability of incorporating of additional sensors
– Multiple headspace extraction capabilities
– Determination of RH atmosphere caused by solids, liquids, or slurries
– Availability of equilibration profiles vs. time data for kinetic and sorption studies
– Foam density measurements (open cell content, other characterizations)
– Very low cost
– Small size, (8.7" x 11.4" x 19") 22cm x 29cm x 43cm

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